VFT has developed its ELV capabilities through several years of hard work & knowledgeable human capital.

We bring economically viable and technologically superior ELV solutions to serve you with customized solutions.

Our list of clients clearly demonstrates our commitment to excellence and a passion for exceeding expectations. From large-scale end-to-end projects and system integration, to leveraging emerging technologies for innovative business solutions – we use our deep understanding of the domain to convert Extra Low Voltage (ELV) investments into competitive advantage.


The development of more efficient equipment now allows ELV to be used without imposing significant limitations on intersection, on numbers of signals that can be driven, allowing all the potential benefits of ELV solutions.

Also offering significantly improved Electrical Safety, this results in real environmental benefits, including major reductions in CO2 Emissions due to low power requirements & also reductions in raw material usage.

The end result is significantly lower costs compared to traditional solutions due to improved ELV technology.