VF&T’s cloud and RFID based Multi-Level Car Parking system work on the principle of “IDENTIFY & AUTHORISE THE VEHICLE WITHOUT MANUAL INTERVENTION”. In this process, Automatic Vehicle Identification is done with the help of RFID Tag and Reader on each checkpoint to record the counting level and the location where the vehicle is parked.


Multilevel Car Parking
  • Validates & Authorizes Entry / Exit of vehicles with accurate Time Log.
  • Robust system architecture deal with a great amount of data for LIVE information.
  • Highly secure and flexible software allows to create rules as per ground requirement.
  • Improves parking capacity utilization of space.
  • Reduce environmental pollution by optimizing time and fuel consumption.

Smart city applications are being implemented in many countries, as they improve the quality of life of their citizens and help reduce environmental pollution by optimizing time and fuel consumption. RFID Based multi-level car parking is popular among smart cities, as it can be of use to corporate building parking to multi-company business hubs to control access and parking allocations. The system resolves and highlights the smart parking reduces congestion, increases revenue as applicable, has a pricing system that is adjusted based on the demand for availability on-peak hours, and reinforces traffic laws by using the integrated VF&T system. Parking space search is one of the most important activities in a city, reaching up to 31% of ground usage in big cities. Approximately 30% of vehicles on the street are looking for parking, and the average time to do is ~7–8 min.

avi setup 1


boom barrier 1


UHF AVI Antenna


avi windshield tag 1


p spaces


uhf 4 port reader 1


uhf avi integrated reader 1


Because of the growth of IoT and cloud platform based systems, smart parking solutions have great opportunities in terms of technological developments and accessibility, creating a revolution in some aspects of people’s lives. The core of VF&T parking solutions is completely easy to use parking management IoT platform that can integrate RFID and multiple technologies into a single seamless user experience. Some examples of the technologies include UHF and HF RFID, space-specific ultrasonic and camera detection, induction loop counting for open areas, drive-side guidance displays, dynamic displays connected to third party systems and access control with Cloud Platform. Such variety offers unmatched performance and improves the efficiency of parking operations. Furthermore, the system can be a cloud or local deployment or any combination of those leaving you with the freedom to choose the most suitable approach for each case.

multilevel car parking img 2

Software solutions (Web and App) are the central core for processing information collected by RFID system hardware and disseminate results to end-users of other systems. Its architecture is robust enough to deal with a great amount of data/information and provide services to a large scale of users. The purpose of every solution relies on the needs defined by stakeholders. The system software is of vital importance for the systems as it determines how to handle obtained information and allows associated authentications. Automated access and counting system improve the allocation and reservation of parking spaces. An online system with which the end-user interaction helps end-user to use the parking space efficiently. Without software components, Smart Parking systems would be limited to perform very primitive tasks. VF&T software solutions, not only act as a repository because its information helps to optimize time, fuel, and money.

We add value without compromising on security and quality. Our multi-disciplinary teams will work with you to fully understand your specific needs and identify the optimum solution that meets demand and generate revenue savings. Our knowledge and expertise have been gained from a portfolio of public and private sector customers for AVI solution.