E-Locker – Smart storage solution for modern life

E-Locker is a smart storage cabinet system, using modern technology for management. The system includes lockers equipped with electronic locking systems, surveillance cameras and smart management software.


Smart locker solution

Supports convenient and safe storage and delivery of goods through many authentication methods such as: Face ID, QR Code, Magnetic Card, Mobile Application, SMS OTP,…

Benefits of using E-Locker



Supports storage of assets in public areas such as supermarkets, tourist areas, amusement parks, swimming pools, gyms, spas with FACE-ID

– Support users to “Send goods” and “Pick up goods” directly at the locker, using Face ID method
– View “Send goods” & “Pick up goods” history at the device.
– Allows management to configure equipment, open all lockers to check


Receiving goods at any time without direct contact with the delivery person

– Support shippers to send goods at lockers and display notifications to residents when shippers successfully send goods using SMS OTP authentication code
– Allow residents to place lockers, open lockers to pick up goods using Face recognition/ SMS OTP/ Resident application


Shipper receives orders and returns orders at the smart Locker. The recipient is notified immediately when goods are available and can pick up at any time very conveniently.

– Allows users choose any laundry unit, place clothes in the closet using Face Recognition, allow shippers to pick up/return goods with phone number, SMS OTP, Mobile Application.
– Shipper receives orders to pick up/deliver laundry at the smart Locker and displays a notification to residents upon successful pickup/delivery via SMS OTP/App.
– The laundry unit receives order from the shipper and returns the goods when completed.
– Helps users comfortably arrange time to pick up laundry with facial recognition/authentication code, helping to significantly save time, improve quality of life, and bring modern smart life.

In addition, E-Locker is widely used in many fields such as

  • Office: Store employees’ personal belongings, helping to save office space.
  • Apartments: Store parcels and letters for residents, making receiving and sending goods more convenient and faster.
  • School: Stores books and school supplies for students.
  • Entertainment area: Store customers’ belongings when participating in entertainment, helping customers to comfortably have fun without worrying about preserving their belongings.
  • Gym, Spa: Stores students’ belongings, helping students practice safely and effectively.
  • Supermarket, Shopping Center, Spa: Store customers’ belongings when shopping or beauty treatments.
  • Hospital: Stores belongings of patients and family members.
  • Hotels, Train Stations, Bus Stations, Airports: Store passengers’ luggage.
  • Beach: Keep your belongings when tourists go swimming.


Solutions for investors

The cost for the full E-Locker solution includes:

  • Hardware: smart locker, equipment on the locker
  • License the software running on the device
  • Server, SMS OTP service if using freight forwarding locker solution (optional)
  • Transportation, installation, and labor costs
  • Annual warranty cost (optional)

Why choose E-Locker?

VFT is an IT solutions company with a global network of experts and partners. Regarding E-locker solutions, VFT is a Vietnamese company that is self-sufficient in hardware and software, can custom design and provide a complete package of any solutions. In addition, we have enough resources to quickly maintain and service our customers.


Consulting, design, implementation and installation of Smart Locker systems for each field such as: Supermarkets, Trade Centers, Golf Courses, Sports Areas, Gyms, Freight Forwarding, Smart Offices , Schools, Hospitals, Entertainment Areas, Resort Hotels, Airports, Train Stations, Factories…

Salient features:
– Design according to requirements from materials, colors to software integrated with other systems
– Flexible software, adjustable according to requirements
– Data reporting
– Friendly interface
– Language: Bilingual Vietnamese – English
– Security: According to ISO 27001:2013 standard
– Operates 24/7