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VFT offers a vast array of LED monitors, IPS monitors, multi-touch monitors, and healthcare grade monitors with best-in-class technology from leading manufacturers.

Let VFT help you create new business opportunities with eye-catching digital signage. Whether your needs are big or small, VFT will help you inform, impress, and effectively communicate with your target audience. With VFT, you can also discover the broad range of commercial-grade televisions designed to entertain and educate with easy customization and manageability.

VFT will assist you in finding the projector solution to fit both your environment and your needs with a wealth of products and technologies, from budget-friendly for everyday use to dynamic installations.

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4K and 5K UHD Monitor Solutions
Medical Displays
Commercial and Consumer Televisions
Monitor Accessories
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Upgrade your IT infrastructure with VFT's rental and leasing solutions today, and get the technology you need now without having to pay for it all up front.
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