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VF&T provides desktops and workstations from top manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Samsung, VF&T Assembling PC/Workstation so that you not only get the job done, you’ll exceed all expectations.
Backed by the newest industry-leading processing and innovative technologies, end-user computing solutions are designed to meet the unique demands organizations face every day – while helping to improve productivity, reduce IT tasks and costs, and lower environmental impact.

VF&T provides systems in a variety of form factors and extensive configurability options that deliver maximum efficiency with the reliability and security your organization demands. From thin clients to high-performance workstations, VF&T integration and configuration services ensure systems are built to your specifications and ready to deploy when they arrive.

Configuration and Integration Services

Streamline deployment and the integration of new mobile devices into your IT organization by leveraging VF&T services. Regardless of form factor and platform, systems can be delivered pre-configured based on your specifications.
VF&T configuration and integration centers are equipped to support all of our services, and are strategically located to expedite deliveries. And with quality control checks in place, the accuracy and completeness of the work performed is guaranteed.
• Installation of components
• Custom hardware configuration
• Software installation and configuration
• Custom imaging
• Device activation
• Asset tagging
• Serial number capture and reporting

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