VF&T’s Smart Retail Solution digs into retailers’ essential needs and untapped demands, and empowers them with unparalleled capabilities to Connect, Protect, and Perceive for smart, fluid security management and business operations. VF&T’s retail solution caters to businesses that may vary in size but share the need for smarter operations, better security, and more insightful business.

Fashion & specialty stores retail management solutions

Fashion & specialty stores retail management solutions

Food & grocery stores retail management solutions

Connect stores and align management

Connected stores, powered by VF&T’s Smart Retail Solution, not only have the ability for high-level security but also can leverage standards across branches to build brand and protect profits.

Protect your customers, staff, and assets

VF&T’s Smart Retail Solution energizes businesses with cutting-edge technologies and prioritizes the protection of your customers, staff, and assets.

Engage and convert customers with HD visuals

Activate brilliant visual interaction with your customers at just the right times and in just the right places to elevate their shopping experience and maximize your sales.

Optimize operations with data insights

Based on VF&T’s AI-powered video technology, you can make full use of valuable data collected from your stores, and then utilize that data for actionable intelligence.

Optimize operations with data insights

Data visualization

VF&T’s Smart Retail Solution features an all-inclusive dashboard to present perceived data in an intuitive, visualized way. The dashboard equips operations teams with a bird’s eye view and multidimensional analytics. Visualized data can facilitate virtually instant optimization for better sales performance!

Connected stores, powered by VF&T’s Smart Retail Solution, not only have the ability for high-level security but also can leverage standards across branches to build brand and protect profits.

Connect your stores and staff

The VF&T Enterprise-Retail platform software enables complete visibility and remote check-in of all your retail locations any time, from anywhere. It serves as a single touchpoint for live video feeds, event notifications, and centralized management, and keeps your staff connected.

Simplify device maintenance

You can monitor the health of your in-store security devices on the VF&T Enterprise-Retail platform dashboard. You can also customize the frequencies of automated system inspections. The system will send an instant email notification once a security camera is identified as offline.

Standardize via remote audits

Audits are necessary, but are often beset by high labor costs, management vulnerabilities, and lack of further data analyses. What if you could use your security cameras for remote store audits? Now you can! And it vastly improves efficiency and standardization across your retail operations. It takes only a few steps from planning to execution.

VF&T’s Smart Retail Solution energizes businesses with cutting-edge technologies and prioritizes the protection of your customers, staff, and assets.

Density & flow control

Ensuring a safe shopping environment is essential. Maintaining an appropriate in-store crowd density helps keep your customers safe, while also supporting their peace of mind while shopping. VF&T’s solution provides video-based flow control so you can manage customer density, giving instant alerts when more people than planned are present at any time.

Time & attendance management

VF&T provides MinMoe face recognition terminals for easy and convenient staff management. They facilitate super efficient and accurate time and attendance management of your employees.

Key area access control

When installed in areas like the warehouse or the office, authorized staff will enjoy the ease of touch-free access with MinMoe. You can manage access permission and retrieve access history with recorded video.

Video linkage with conventional security systems

With its security cameras, VF&T enables video verification of alarms triggered by Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems or intrusion alarm systems, especially at night, to identify and capture potentially malicious incidents.

Transaction supervision through system integration

Transaction Data Fusion by integration of VF&T platform and the POS system to support POS data overlay on video feeds, providing transaction details for convenient searches. This makes it easier to resolve disputes and reduce fraud.

Key area fire and intrusion prevention

VF&T offers thermal cameras for early detection of fire risks with great agility. The thermal cameras also work for high-accuracy intrusion detection even in pitch darkness.

VF&T’s Smart Retail Solution also features digital signage designed for the retailers to increase foot traffic, engage with customers, announce events and promotions, display and update product information, and deliver a dynamic and immersive shopping experience.

Impress customers with attractive and creative visuals

Catch the public’s eye and pull foot traffic into your shopping mall or retail store with attractive content on fine-pitch video walls in various sizes. Along with high-resolution, customizable displays and 3D visual effects, you can also install VF&T’s innovative transparent LED displays to create amazing visual content that appears to float! Whether you want to provide an impressive welcome to customers or showcase your most popular products, you can find a perfect display solution for your storefront with us.

Elevate the shopping experience and expand customer touchpoints with visual interaction

VF&T’s flexible, customizable LED displays can be placed at the ideal position to help you engage and entertain your on-site customers. Use the displays to show hot products, update seasonal menus, announce sales promotions, inform public health policies, and many more. You can even showcase your social media feeds on an in-store display to provide a lovely connection to your online marketing campaign. Boost your profits by elevating the customer experience as they make their way through your store, ensuring that every step of their journey is impressive, delightful, and optimized for conversion.

Manage your displays and content on one platform, anywhere you might be

Enjoy the flexibility to create, display, and renew design content including advertisements and menus with a library of free templates provided by VF&T’s VF&T platform. On VF&T, you can remotely manage all the displays across your store, and release and schedule contents from virtually anywhere.

Retail stores generate huge amounts of offline data, day in, day out. A large part of that data, however, is scarcely tapped into. Based on VF&T’s AI-powered video technology, you can now make full use of valuable data collected from your brick-and-mortar stores, and then visualize and utilize that data for business insights, actionable intelligence, and smarter store operations.

Walk in rate

Walk-in Rate – Extend your awareness of customer traffic

Walk-in Rate is the critical retail operation KPI that Indicates where sales opportunity lies. VF&T offers an AI-based solution on the extended customer traffic data with its multi-intelligence DeepinView camera to facilitate sophisticated operation analysis.

Conversion rate – Generated with valid customer traffic

This advantageous feature helps eliminate invalid traffic generated by store staff and repetitive visits by customers, and get a highly accurate understanding of actual customer traffic and conversion rate. It is especially useful for high-value stores like jewelry and luxury stores and car dealers.

Video-based flow direction analysis

Which direction do most people take after entering the store? You may optimize the store layout by arranging high-margin products or promotional activities on the most popular route. After adjusting, you can compare the data to see if the optimization makes a difference or not.

Area popularity analysis

Area Popularity Analysis measures your promotion effectiveness so you can optimize it as needed. When displaying product promotions in a certain area of your store, you can set the promotional area as a detection zone for the cameras, getting real-time statistics of customer counts and their dwell time in that area.

Heat mapping

VF&T Heat Mapping uses fisheye cameras to generate a global or area-specific map of your store, identifying shelves or areas your customers prefer to visit. The deeper the color, the higher the value, which means there were more visitors or visitors stayed longer. This will help you see where your “hot areas” are.

Queue analysis

Long wait times can have a devastating effect on your customer experience. VF&T provides a Queue Analysis application with cameras designed to monitor in-store queues in real time and send notifications to store managers when there are too many people waiting in line.