FFT has the most proven early warning pipeline security monitoring systems available, detecting Third Party Interference (TPI) tampering, illegal tapping attempts, and unauthorised excavation along buried pipelines from a few kilometres to thousands of kilometres long.

  • A single pipeline security system protects up to 40km of buried sensor cable in real time
  • Locate a TPI or tapping event to within 150 metres or better on FFT approved installations
  • Network multiple systems for longer pipelines
  • Very high rates of detection
  • Advanced signature analysis minimises nuisance alarms
  • Uniform distributed fibre optic sensor
  • No electronics or power in the field
  • FFT’s pipeline security systems are intrinsically safe


  • High risk pipelines
  • Crude oil pipelines
  • Refined product lines – gasoline, aviation fuel, chemicals etc.
  • Gas pipelines
  • Underground power
  • Drinking water