Apartment security is always an incredibly demanding security scenario. People need not just security around their home, but a better residential experience with it. Built on a system of security, we offer an innovative entry & exit experience to boost rush hour efficiency for both residents and walk-in visitors. Also, AI-empowered video security stands like a reassuring guard 24/7. VF&T’s Solution by Scenario for Apartments helps users enjoy a safer and more pleasant living experience at a minimal cost with reliable delivery and performance.

Vehicle entrance & exit

Physical ID check at entries and exits can be inconvenient and time-consuming during rush hours, and difficult to trace back for incident investigation.

Busy hour congestion

EE difficult to retrieve records

Difficulty retrieving records

A hands-free, authenticated drive-through system elevates the residential experience and boosts rush hour efficiency with easy-to-retrieve records – also enhancing security management.


Secure and efficient vehicle egress

  • Hands-free, non-stop, authenticated drive through
  • Support for block-list alarm / VIP notification

Operational efficiency boost

  • Easy-to-retrieve records via “fuzzy” license plate match
  • Automated alarm push for block-list vehicle and full parking area

Simple, adaptable deployment

  • Card and video intercom in one unit
  • Adaptable in scenarios with or without attendant booth


  • Authenticated vehicle access using ANPR or ID card
  • Support for granting access remotely via video intercom
  • Vehicle records and parking statistics reports
  • LED display of available spaces and other parking info


Boost operational efficiency for vehicle management

  • Easy-to-retrieve vehicle records via “fuzzy” license plate match
  • Trackable charging history and reports help prevent loss and manage account payments


  • Vehicle records
  • Parking charge and account management
  • Statistical reports of E&E traffic, parking, and fee statuses


Lobbies connect entrances and other public indoor spaces to private rooms and floors. Property managers need situational awareness over both security and service quality to keep the resident and visitor experience optimized.

Difficult to balance security with convenience

Difficult to search for records and data

Touch-free access control experience with professional video security for incident validation, creating a safe and convenient living experience.

Working Areas Access Control


Futuristic experience with added authenticity

  • Touch-free, anti-spoofing facial recognition within 0.5s

Adaptable to various authentication modes

  • Face, ID card and fingerprint in a single unit, perfect match for common-use cases


  • Authenticated personnel access by facial AI, card or fingerprint
  • Abnormal access alarm


Visual verification, enhanced situational awareness

  • Fusing access and video, providing visual evidence when needed

Unified management boosts operational efficiency

  • Personnel, door permission and attendance digitalized on one platform with easy maintenance and troubleshooting


  • Central management of devices, profiles and access levels
  • Access record search and report exporting

Public indoor space

Security requires clear video coverage over wide areas with various environmental lighting challenges during every hour of each day. Strong afternoon backlighting, dim nighttime lighting, and other obstructions, along with all construction projects, usually run on a limited budget.

Indoor visual details

Lack of visual details

Installation labor and costs

Professional indoor video security at minimal installation cost, protecting your indoor public spaces using products from the industry-leading CCTV provider.


Wide-area HD video coverage at minimal installation cost

  • Compact PTZ, fisheye camera, multi-lens and other HD camera options to cover wide indoor areas

Optimized optical performance for common indoor scenes

  • Corridor mode, multi-channel regional de-warp for a natural viewing experience
  • WDR, BLC and other video optimization options for complex environmental lighting


  • HD to Ultra-HD video, H.265(+)/ H.264(+)
  • Wide-area video coverage up to 360°
  • Various lens options, audio and alarm interfaces, and more


Apartment perimeters usually see very limited nighttime lighting. The security teams need to quickly distinguish approaching humans or vehicles from other harmless moving objects (animals, tree leaves, etc.), and effectively stop trespassing as early as possible.

Dim lighting and false alarms

Quick intrusion response and deterrence

24/7, All-weather, AI-empowered Perimeter Protection with On-site Lighting and Sound Deterrence help users gain higher security confidence.


Clearer visual details and more precise alarms

  • 24/7 colorful HD video captures every detail
  • Reduced false alarms, higher security efficiency
  • Weather-adaptable thermographics

More effective incident handling

  • Earlier discovery and notification: auto push alarms, time-out escalation supported
  • Instant on-site lighting and audio deterrence


  • Clear, all-weather video 24/7
  • AI false alarm filter, focusing on human & vehicle events only
  • On-site lighting and sound alarm

Control room

Control rooms usually combine multiple functions with various subsystems and equipment. Limited cross-application visibility and controls can easily double the workload for security staff and an IT department’s common daily tasks with difficult maintenance.

Limited staff, various subsystems

Complex IT maintenance

All subsystems are unified on one platform for monitoring, incident handling, remote control, and maintenance, helping control room staff make management simpler and more effective.


Lightweight deployment, unified operation & management

  • Minimal system requirements: i3 CPU, 8 GB RAM
  • All subsystems on one platform with unified operations
  • All incident records managed on one platform

Custom UI presentation, focus on what’s important to you

  • Custom layout of cameras, e-Maps, door status, etc. with quick, 1-click access
  • Custom control panel components and layouts for each user


  • Centralized management of multiple subsystems, including video, access control, vehicle and parking, alarm, attendance, and more


Gain system status quickly

  • Visualized diagram, reports and network topology
  • Real-time and historical statistics available

Easier troubleshooting

  • Color indicators help spot error nodes quickly
  • Network topology and device troubleshooting guide helps locate issues more quickly and eliminate common errors


  • System and device health dashboard
  • Troubleshooting tools


Reliable, flexible storage and backup plans

  • Flexible options for edge storage, central storage, various storage modes and expired / overwritten policies
  • Off-hour scheduled backup for more effective use of bandwidth

Powerful display and control

  • Wide variety of desktop / wall-mount / floor-standing display options from entry LCD to professional narrow-bezel video walls
  • Fused display of video, door status, events, AI statistics, PC signals, and many others
  • Easy drag-n-drop with signal preview helps quickly manage and operate video wall displays


  • Support for edge storage, central storage and scheduled backup
  • High clarity desktop displays, wall-mount displays and video walls
  • Smart video walls powered by PC display adaptors, or professional video walls powered by decoders / TV wall controllers