VF&T is committed to providing a full range of select functions that suit various needs of educational institutes, from safe campus systems, to smart classroom buildings, efficient student attendance management, and more, within a unique, highly efficient, all-in-one hardware and software architecture. K-12, higher education, and remote learning institutions can all find a solution here. Continue reading the three primary solutions below and see how VF&T can help you build a safer and smarter learning environment for today and tomorrow.

Enhanced campus security with eliminated security risks1

Enhanced campus security with eliminated security risks

VF&T offers comprehensive on- and off-campus security solutions covering school buses, gates, perimeters, buildings, and internal roads, with a wealth of security applications for vehicle, personnel, and alarm management. VF&T can ensure students, parents, and administrators enjoy a secured and serene learning environment on your campus.

Campus Security Solution

Flexible attendance solutions with enhanced efficiency

VF&T’s student attendance solution satisfies common student participation needs on campus with access control terminals and intelligent attendance devices. Efficient and automatic data recording adds to management efficiency of teachers and school administrators.

Students Attendance Solutions

Flexible attendance solutions with enhanced efficiency1
Smart classrooms for every student and every subject1

Smart classrooms for every student and every subject

The digital education solutions developed respond to the new needs of remote and distance learning and multi-classroom development. With advanced AI technologies, VF&T accelerates construction of digital and smart campuses. And by implementing AI-empowered remote learning systems, students can learn more easily, comfortably and effectively via remote online classrooms. And with intelligent on-campus devices, students learning in schools can enjoy easier access to diversified information, while teachers and school administrators can also record and share quality educational resources among different schools, greatly improving learning and teaching experience.

Smart Education