The project scale includes: a system of hotels and motels meeting 6-star international standards with main items: hotel areas, villas and luxury resorts; Sports and entertainment area (18-hole golf course, swimming pool, tennis court, beach volleyball court…); resettlement area, public service area and other auxiliary works with a total area of 1,904,810 m2.

With the investor’s strict requirements for each item, especially for the design of the GPON network system to control and distribute signals as well as best save costs for the entire project, from there the entire system Automation, telecommunications, light electricity and information technology are all centrally managed, monitored and distributed from a central control room.

Open design solution so that investors can choose the appropriate operating unit for each hotel category with the strict requirements of international 5-star operating units. Along with that, other items must still meet technical and executive management criteria to focus on managing the entire project as a miniature smart city model.

Design items include:

– Scada, BMS and IoT automation monitoring and control system. In which, Scada is applied to electricity and water systems. BMS application for hotel category. IoT applications control lights, monitor electricity and water consumption, wastewater, and the environment for villa areas, golf courses and other supporting projects. These systems operate on the same platform to improve management capabilities, ease of operation and upgrade.

– ELV system design includes:

  • Design of GPON telecommunications and network systems.
  • Design indoor and outdoor wifi systems.
  • Design an AI camera system that captures license plates, recognizes faces, detects unusual behavior, timekeeping, fires, and area intrusion.
  • Design an access control management system
  • Design of Lidar and anti-intrusion laser systems.
  • Design of Intercom system for alarm, support calls, and internal communication.
  • Design of fire protection system, FM200.
  • Design of public audio and professional sound systems
  • Design IPTV screen systems in hotels, indoor and outdoor digital signage advertising screens.
  • Design of online conference and meeting room systems
  • Design of switchboard system.
  • Design of the main data center computer room system includes raised floors, telecommunications light electrical pipes, precision air conditioning, alternate air conditioning and dehumidification, and data center server room electrical system.

– Designing information technology systems including:

  • Design an automatic check in and check out system, no need for a receptionist.
  • Design asset management system.
  • Design network infrastructure monitoring and network security management system (NOC and SOC)
  • Design of service center system for operation, maintenance and repair
  • Design a monitoring system and manage the technical team for operation, protection and hygiene
  • Designing a health care system for the community
  • Software system design
  • Systems are divided into 4 groups including:
    • Technical automation platform application platform
    • Smart building and smart home application platform.
    • Smart infrastructure application platform
    • Smart utility application platform.

– Data will be reported and analyzed into CRM, ERP and asset management systems to improve business efficiency and development for the entire project.